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Meet Maryann

Affectionally referred to as the Fearless Living Expert, Maryann Rivera-Dannert is the FEAR-less dealer every woman needs in her corner.


Continuously searching for new pathways, fresh experiences and ideas, and a desire to inspire change and deeper fulfillment in other women is the fabric that binds Maryann to the core.


The Fearless Living Expert learned early on how to be what she would later become. Striving to be better than what life handed her, the conquering spirit within arose and gave her the courage and realization she needed to recognize her unique value as a woman. With a background filled with adversity, instability, and dysfunction, Maryann had much stacked against her. Yet, she didn’t allow what happened in her formative years stop her from becoming who she is today.


In addition to being a Human Resource Professional she is the recipient of degrees in Leadership (MS) and Organizational Management (BS). She is also a 5x author, with three of her books reaching Best Selling status. She has written pieces of her life’s journey to be a role model to other women that all things are possible despite their beginnings.


As the Beatles sung, “I get by with a little help from my friends,” Maryann has surrounded herself with different kinds of women from all walks of life.  Encountering women who felt bound by their age, past history, relationships, job status, and finances, the next step in her journey was to become a certified life coach to women in 2018. She now walks along women in their personal journeys and helps them sustain the courage to move forward.  


Putting her gifts, talents, and expertise to excellent use, Maryann, in 2020 launched the Fearless Fridays with Maryann podcast, which introduces the world to other fearless women as they empower, transform, and help other women shift to living their best life, today. Her fearless works have gotten her recognition from Voyage Miami online magazine in October 2020, Shoutout Miami in 2021 and R. Hughes & Associates in 2021.


Maryann’s story, not yet completely written, continues to unfold. Maryann resides in Upstate New York. She enjoys the beach and spending time with her family. Having a wanderlust spirit, Maryann has repeatedly traveled to Mexico and other countries. 


Embracing her spirit, she seeks to empower, inspire, and equip women from coast to coast to gain self- confidence as they create the life they’ve always desired: a life where they are fearless, free and fabulous; living life on their terms.

Journey to Fearless Living

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