What it means to do inner work: Reflect. Reset. Refocus.

I was recently asked: Why do you call yourself the Fearless Living Coach? To be honest, I had never given it much thought. I just knew I wanted to live a fearless life, and that's what I went with. However, the question posed stirred something up within me and I started to really think about it. But what's more important to consider, is that the reasons revealed something else for me and while I was not fully clear, I knew more work had to be done. Internal work. I went on a semi-solo retreat and asked myself:

  1. Where have I been? Where am I now? Where am I going?

And then, for each answer, I then kept asking:

  1. Why?

I asked myself why over and over again - until I saw only my own reflection.

I say I went on a semi-solo retreat, because my original plan was to go away alone to a location where I knew no one. Unbeknownst to me, God had other plans. As He always does. I was speaking with a friend and she invited me to say with her, offering me a private bedroom, allowing me space and time to focus on what I wanted to accomplish - sprinkled in with some fun and adventure.

I started my first morning in quietness and meditation. I asked myself the hard questions and then I sat and listened. I believe that's the hard part: waiting and listening. We want the answers now, but God does not work in our time frame. I believe in God, so I will use God, but you may use whatever Higher Power you believe in.

As I listened, I sensed a voice within me whisper, WHY? This went on for about 30 minutes. And I just sat there with this inner dialogue and with every exchange, I saw the fog being removed from the mirror. And in the end - I was left starring at myself in the mirror. My true, authentic and raw self. More to come in the next few weeks - so be sure to come back.

For now, I leave you with this message and some photos from my trip:

Focus on the now. This is what you have, for yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised. You are in the now. The you from yesterday is no longer and the you from tomorrow is being formed. You are here in the now. Live in the moment.

-Maryann Rivera-Dannert


We spent half a day being treated as Queens at The Spa at Rock Barn. Oh my gosh, it was pure heaven! I definitely recommend this place and will be going back.

After spending the day at the Spa, we headed to Uptown Charlotte and went to a Jazz Show. It was amazing. The last time I went to a Jazz event was probably 2003-2004! The performer was Gina does Tina and it was great! And check out that charcuterie board. LIFE! And we finished the night doing what I enjoy - talking, enjoying a cigar and the vibe. Such a cute and quaint spot.

We did a Bourbon Tour and it was great. The location was an oId prison - North Carolina Department of Correction. I learned a couple of things about Bourbon: 1. All Bourbon is Whiskey and 2. Bourbon is USA made. Didn't know that!

My getaway was a success. I enjoyed conversations, I wrote for my book, I reflected, made some decisions... I relaxed and I had adventure.

I want ask that you share this blog and be sure to catch up on all previous Podcast episodes of Fearless Fridays with Maryann. We return with new inspirations, motivations and empowerment June 4th, 2021.

Fearlessly & Fabulously Yours,

Maryann Rivera-Dannert


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