The First Step or the Finish Line - You Decide

We all have plans, goals and dreams. We all aspire to become a better version of our yesterday selves. What holds us back from taking that first step? When we get to a place where we can take a hard and long look at ourselves and answer that simple - yet not so simple question, the world is ours to conquer!

What's holding you back from reaching your full potential? Are you still living in the past? Are old tapes still playing in your head? Are you afraid of failure? Are you afraid of success? 

My question to you is this: 


Here';s a project to help break you out of that shell...Let’s create a vision board. Research shows that when we can visualize something, we are more apt to succeed at achieving what we desire. While you may have had created a vision board in the past, stay with me. I’ve learned a few things that I’m sure you will find beneficial and if you come along for the ride, I am certain that 2019 will be the year where your dreams will be manifested.

Here’s what you’ll need…find as many old magazines that you can. Cut out images that appeal to you; people smiling, exercising, having dinner together, girlfriends talking, lovers holding hands, beaches, parks, dogs running around, a nice big house, a car, jewelry, the woods...whatever it is that you desire and see, cut out the images. Feel free to google images that inspire you and print those out. Get some glue sticks and start pasting the images on the poster board. This is your dream/vision board! You will have a visual that will motivate you. Let’s kick our dream/vision board up a notch.

Find some photos of YOU. Yes, YOU! Cut them out and paste on your board. If you desire a certain car, for example, glue your face on the driver’s seat. Let this be a living vision board, meaning as new ideas pop into your head, find an image and stick it on there. Also, as you accomplish something, put the date on the image. Want some accountability? Have a dream/vision board party with your girlfriends (or child/ren) if you have them. Be inspired! You got this.

Whatever you're afraid of...know that you are the only one who can take that first step.

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