Seize the Day for it will be gone at Midnight

Are you happy with the choices and decisions you've made so far in your life? Are you living the life that you desired? If not, how is that affecting you? Are you stressed, frustrated, stuck? I’m here to tell you that it is not too late! More often than not, we make decisions on a whim and later come to regret those choices. We beat ourselves up and our frustrations and hopelessness push us back – further from our desired lives. Decisions, choices – must be made strategically.

When you have a decision to make ask yourself the following questions to ensure you are making the best possible choices.

1. Will this decision make a positive impact for me and my family?

2. By making this decision will I be brought closer to one of my life goals?

3. What would happen if I don't do this?

4. Am I staying true to my personal philosophical beliefs by making this choice?

5. What are the pros and cons in choosing this way?

6. Will this choice improve my life?

In asking questions before making decisions you are able to slow down, think the situation through, and choose wisely. Every decision you make should enhance and add value to your life, not detract and create distance between your ideal life and your current situation.

One last thing, when you’re making choices, make sure that whomever you decide to share your intentions with is someone who is where you’d ideally like to be. They’ve been there and believe me – have had struggles that they’ve overcome. No need to reinvent the process and go at it alone. Surround yourself with strong minded and strong-willed people. They’ll inspire and motivate you – not judge and mock your vision.

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