Meet Maryann

New pathways, fresh experiences, and a desire to inspire change and deeper fulfillment in the lives of other women, are things that comprise the fabric of Maryann’s inner core. 

  Coming from a background of adversity, the odds for finding stability and fully functional and fulfilled life seemed stacked against Maryann. After all, the pain of these experiences, especially in one’s formative years, often leaves deep wounds. Many people spend their lives running from the wounds, chasing whatever it is that will provide some reprieve from the pain. The conquering spirit within her arose and gave her the courage to realize her unique value as a woman, and despite the wounds of her past, there was much more life to be had.

  Maryann’s drive and desire to see other women live free and happy allowed her to earn her Bachelors, and is now working on a graduate degree. Besides education, her desire to create the life she deserves and desires, led her on repeated travels to Mexico and other countries. Also, just as the Beatles sung, “I get by with a little help from my friends,” Maryann has surrounded herself with all different kinds of women from all walks of life.

  Many women feel bound by age, their past, relationship status, job situation, finances, but Maryann’s core and her desire to find fresh life and experience new things, motivates her to empower women to look beyond the obstacles and circumstances of  life and move forward. She has walked along women in their personal journeys and helps sustain the courage to move ahead. She also published a chapter in a book dedicated to helping women overcome unhealthy and toxic relationships with men and ultimately move on to more fulfilling place in life. 

  Maryann’s story, not yet completely written, will continue to unfold. Embracing her spirit, she seeks to empower, inspire, encourage and motivate women move forward believing that the best is yet to come -  as they shape the life they were created to live – Free and Happy!

Journey to Fearless Living

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